Rejuvenate and Relax

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It has been around four months i am coming back to Bhopal after training and deployment. Going to your hometown is a awesome experience because you can move freely here and there around the city .Everything is known and you just love to visit those same places where many memories are attached. You feel refreshed and it helps in maintaining and stabilising the various things that disturb your mind.

Although i suffered from sunstroke, fever and dehydration after coming to Bhopal, I never wanted to get disturbed because of these things. So i just maintained calmness for some time and got the required energy which I seriously wanted.I was craving for a week holiday and now i am absolutely enjoying these holidays.

I sometimes wonder about the energy and calmness someone gets when he or she gets in touch with his family or go on a vacation.I would strongly recommend those who haven’t spent time with their family to go and rejuvenate themself with new positive energy by spending time with their family.

I asked my manager about a week extension since my reservation is not confirmed  and i want to get completely healed ,but as expected he rejected my request and instead scolded me.But i am satisfied with the way i spent this week and it was an awesome vacation


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Moving Forward #ChennaiDiaries

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So finally after waiting for 7 months i got my joining and now its time to enjoy the next phase of my life. I still remember the day I got my date intimation mail. It was 31st December 2015 and i was busy taking my tuition classes as usual when at around 1:30 my phone buzzed. I was so used to these unwanted message tones about marketing mails and a lot of things that I didn’t even checked my phone in those days.

I was delighted when I found that the mail was from the company in which I have been placed.And i shouted at the top of my voice when i read the subject line Date intimation mail.I was delighted and felt on the top of the world.Hearing my voice my parents came and asked about the whole thing and congratulated me. Then they asked “Kahan Jana hai ??”(Where you have to join).  I was so much busy that i even didn’t checked the joining location.

As soon as I opened my mail and read that I have to go to Chennai I was equally disappointed. The happiness, enthusiasm and joy all went away and I felt a bit sad and annoyed. When you are from north and you have to go to South India specifically Chennai then people around you specifically your parents will become so tensed as if you are sent to a Indo Pak War front.

I was tensed but kept myself calm and answered every query which my parents asked so that they are assured that I will be happy staying in Chennai. I logged in to Facebook to check how many people are joining with me so that I can get help from them and plan my journey nicely to Chennai.

But after scrolling and reading each and every Facebook post that appeared on my Laptop i was shocked that only two of my friends would be joining the company with me on the same day.I called my sister the same instance and told everything to her. She is such a charm that after chatting with her i was feeling so relaxed that i forgot everything regarding Chennai and focused myself to first plan my journey as a new life and a new city welcomes me with open hands.

The next two days when so fast that i didn’t even realized when time passed. Tension and fear has already started creeping in my mind the moment i read my date intimation mail. I had never stayed alone before and this will be the first time i have to stay  away from my parents it was haunting me like anything.I used to sleep just for 4 hours and  used to stay awake the whole night lost in those thoughts.

The next morning my neighbor Honey came to my house. It was his regular habit to wake me up in the morning and greet Good morning ! He came and hugged me unaware of the fact that I will not be there to meet him after few days. I love the innocence of kids, how they are so tender,cute and how there touch acts as a wonderful medicine to calm every cyclone in your mind that is making your uncomfortable and sad.


Honey my neighbour

I went for shopping in the evening so as to buy the necessary things i will need in Chennai as it will take time to adapt to a new environment and a new city. I noticed a sudden change in my mom’s behavior as she hasn’t scolded me since last two days. It was her regular habit but now she was pampering me with lots of love and care.

We went to Bhopal Utsav Mela for shopping and after shopping for more than 3 hours we decided to come back home. As soon as i started walking back to the parking lot my mom called me and said ‘Wait !! we should eat something “. We went to food zone and sat down to eat Aloo Paratha (My Favourite 🙂 ) as my parents knew this thing and they want to make me happy so they  joined me as well. We sat there for quite a long time revised each and every moment of my school and college life.

————————to be continued————————————-

Rain,exams and a hot cup of tea

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So its exam time once again and this semester its quite tough too 😉 ohh hoo not exams they are fine as usual but the climatic conditions are so weird that i thought i should mention this thing 😉 😛 Our exams started few days back in the last week of December and are about to end . I am in the seventh semester ( lucky me :P) of engineering as my About pages says and yes after one more semester i would be an engineer specifically software engineer.

Coming to the point this weather has been taking my tough examination since last few days. First it was hot and a bit sunny weather, then the year end brought incessant rains that lasted for few days and finally the most common chilly weather in which mercury forgets to rise is back in action.For the first time in my life i have experienced so many different shades of weather within a interval of around a week.

However this timespan reminds me of my school days when i with my sisters used to go for walk and when the wind started flowing she used to say that Bhai dekh exam waali hawa chalana shuru hogayi hai(look the wind that flows during the exam time has started) and we used to gaze the trees and the shrubs all around. We were kids and our mind usually brainstormed us with that weird sensation.It has been quite a long time after that school exams that we  faced were mainly in the month of March but memories are everlasting. We used to drink hot cup of tea and study during our examination in the night when we were busy fighting with the tough mathematical equations of calculus and tough chemical equations.

We both are about to complete our studies and would become working professionals now but old memories are like sweet chocolates.Few days back i was drinking tea and memories of the past reminded me of that time.And left me smiling and lost in the old memories for a while 🙂

A refreshing walk

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Since quite a long time i was dying to go for a refreshing morning walk that is comparatively longer than the usual daily walk that at times is so boring.So this morning i got the opportunity to go for a walk that i was thinking since few days.

I have to wake up early today due to some task which i have to complete quite early in the morning. When i woke up, it was dark and there was time for the sunrise. The beautiful moon wished me good morning accompanied by a lot of small twinkling stars in the dark sky. Then i listened to some good songs and then went for a walk.

The cool breeze that was flowing caressed my face as i reached the vast ground that is near to my house.People these days are so busy in there daily schedule and have to run here are there that they don’t even pay attention to what’s going around there locality.The whole atmosphere was so pleasing that i was enjoying the whole thing.I even observed few people that at times made me laugh.

The first one were people with there pets. Some were like running so fast that i thought whether they have bought the pet for a walk or the pet has bought them 🙂 i literally love pets but when you encounter such scenes you feel like OMG !! thats interesting haha 😀

The next one were drunkards that were lost in their own world. Completely  unaware with what’s going on in the present world. There world lies between the boundaries of the road on which they fall after a hangover and then shout and run like anything on the passing traffic.

School kids waiting for their bus where the next one that i encountered on my way. A small boy waiting for the bus carrying a bag that was double his size was looking so eager with the schedule and things that he will learn in the whole day. Kids have a amazing tendency of expressing things which very few adults have, they express everything to there parents so innocently that you might feel awww that was so cute 🙂

Then the fourth one were the people who walk on the wrong side like maniacs in the morning murmuring something or humming some bhajan or song. They are so stubborn that inspite of telling them to please follow traffic rules they are glued to there own rules and traffic rules are like crap for them. Creating jams and accidents are usually because of these people.

There were some love birds too and the one that actually went for a walk with the sole purpose of talking to there partner. They are lost in there world that consists of there partner, the beautiful and pleasant climate, their mobile phone  and the road on which they are walking 😉 These people can be easily found on lonely areas, gardens or i guess everywhere 😛

How can i leave the newspaper vendors and milkman who are found daily and are always on time for delivering things.But look around you might find some vendors that are students or people who require money and are doing this job for helping there family.So dont ignore or disrespect them at times .

Since we have a construction site nearby i was also able to see a group of underprivileged children that were crying and some were playing. These children are found in each and every locality of the country but they are often ignored. One kid was so cute and was roaming here and there he even started playing with me.

We have a lot of things that are going around you but we are lost in our own world that we ignore and dont observe things. so just open your eyes enjoy your world !! and take care of the people around you . It feels awesome 😀

If you have anything to share with us do share it in the comment section below. Feedback is always welcome 🙂

Its the wheel of time

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So here i am standing at the verge of completing of my bachelor’s degree and from the next year or my next sem i will have to appear for the campus recruitment test conducted by a lot of companies.Its the start of a new phase of my life and i am ready to face it with my full strength. Few days back i was in a conversation with my friend who is studying in a reputed engineering college and is pursuing his graduation in bachelor of engineering in computer science engineering. He was my very close friend in school but as he got selected in a very reputed college he did ignored me and i still remember his words that you are studying in a low standard college who is least reputed.Apart from that he also told me a lot of things which was really sad. But i guess college doesnt matters a lot the things that matter is your knowledge. It was quite annoying for me to hear such things from him. I just gave him a reply that it just depends on time that who will become what in his life.Maybe things can change,but the biggest thing that offended my emotion was that he was my very close friend. Maybe i was wrong to choose him as my friend. The wheel of time is quite a clever thing created by god.Your past doesn’t leaves you it is stucked somewhere in your mind or life and makes a small entry at the right time.When i was not selected in a good college in class 12th i didnt mind it too much. I just thought i should study hard gather as much knowledge so that i can polish my skills very much and i can stand somewhere between them. I dont say that my college is not a good college it is a good college and i just love my friends and my college. But its my third year and i am still not feeling happier or quite satisfied. If you talk about satisfaction i have pretty much explained my mind that i should just feel satisfied but its not working i dont know why ??Lets see what will happen again i am just hoping good to happen in future 😀