The Navratri happiness

My world

Navratri finally ended yesterday and really it was just awesome this time. The first day of navratri started with the great news of i being placed and believe me that was one of the best day of my life. I was overjoyed and was dancing and singing as if i am from a different world ie:- i am alien. Really if you saw me that day you could have believed this thing which i am saying today.

The results came one day before and i was continuously biting my nails while travelling to the place where the results were announced. On my way i spotted around 10-15 goddess durga idols and i was feeling so nervous that time. But when the results were announced i felt so relaxed and relieved.

#RandomClick One of the Goddess durga idol i spotted on my way

#RandomClick One of the Goddess durga idol i spotted on my way

From the next day i slept like a crazy guy i dont know why maybe it was due to the tiring month that just passed away giving a excellent news of being placed at the end.For the next two days there were Mithai Sessions and some official work regarding some forms that were to be filled.

Meanwhile in the next days i just went outside to see various jhankees or pandals where various colorful idols of Goddess durga were placed. I literally love this thing and enjoy it every year.Maybe its the purity of these festivals that really attracts devotees around the world to India.

You can easily find various shades of life when you visit these pandals

  • While visiting one pandal i met a guy in the food zone who was a college student. He operates a Chinese Corner from the evening in that place and studies B Comm in a good college in the morning. When i asked that why he operates this stall he said he needs money to continue his studies and to bear all his expenses.
  • I literally love the footpaths because they usually teach me a lot of lessons in my life. So when i was returning back to my home. I found two pair of kids one who were poor and the other one who were from quite a rich family. The kids who were underprivileged i would say were sharing the dinner (that was small plate of i guess rice) while the kids that were from the rich family were fighting for a plate of Chole Bhature (which were at the end thrown on the floor)
  • The next one were the politicians that were as usual wearing a fake smile on there face and were having a fake attitude that was clearly visible.(Impressing the majority of people for filling the vote banks in the upcoming elections so ignore this thing :P)
  • Some guys were found manipulating people to earn as much money as possible.
  • The best part were the real devotees that were lost in their own world. Worshipping Durga Ji in every possible way.
  • I need to mention a pair of small puppies too that enjoy there world unaware of what’s going around them.

There were Garba and Dandiya nights. Were people were found dancing with full of energy and happiness were at the best level in the whole environment.There were dance shows, skit shows and various talent hunts for spotting new talents which was suitably rewarded.

The festival ended with Vijaya Dashmi that was awesome too. This festival is celebrated on Navmi on that day there are lot of Bhandaras. That serve delicious food to anybody which wishes to taste that awesome food 😀 Then we went for the Ravan Dehan  in the adjacent colony. The small ravan was made by the kids. There was a lot of excitement, energy and joy which was clearly visible on there face.

This Navratri was one of the best navratri in my life and i totally enjoyed it. If you have anything to share with us do share it in the comments section below Enjoy your life 🙂


A refreshing walk

My world

Since quite a long time i was dying to go for a refreshing morning walk that is comparatively longer than the usual daily walk that at times is so boring.So this morning i got the opportunity to go for a walk that i was thinking since few days.

I have to wake up early today due to some task which i have to complete quite early in the morning. When i woke up, it was dark and there was time for the sunrise. The beautiful moon wished me good morning accompanied by a lot of small twinkling stars in the dark sky. Then i listened to some good songs and then went for a walk.

The cool breeze that was flowing caressed my face as i reached the vast ground that is near to my house.People these days are so busy in there daily schedule and have to run here are there that they don’t even pay attention to what’s going around there locality.The whole atmosphere was so pleasing that i was enjoying the whole thing.I even observed few people that at times made me laugh.

The first one were people with there pets. Some were like running so fast that i thought whether they have bought the pet for a walk or the pet has bought them 🙂 i literally love pets but when you encounter such scenes you feel like OMG !! thats interesting haha 😀

The next one were drunkards that were lost in their own world. Completely  unaware with what’s going on in the present world. There world lies between the boundaries of the road on which they fall after a hangover and then shout and run like anything on the passing traffic.

School kids waiting for their bus where the next one that i encountered on my way. A small boy waiting for the bus carrying a bag that was double his size was looking so eager with the schedule and things that he will learn in the whole day. Kids have a amazing tendency of expressing things which very few adults have, they express everything to there parents so innocently that you might feel awww that was so cute 🙂

Then the fourth one were the people who walk on the wrong side like maniacs in the morning murmuring something or humming some bhajan or song. They are so stubborn that inspite of telling them to please follow traffic rules they are glued to there own rules and traffic rules are like crap for them. Creating jams and accidents are usually because of these people.

There were some love birds too and the one that actually went for a walk with the sole purpose of talking to there partner. They are lost in there world that consists of there partner, the beautiful and pleasant climate, their mobile phone  and the road on which they are walking 😉 These people can be easily found on lonely areas, gardens or i guess everywhere 😛

How can i leave the newspaper vendors and milkman who are found daily and are always on time for delivering things.But look around you might find some vendors that are students or people who require money and are doing this job for helping there family.So dont ignore or disrespect them at times .

Since we have a construction site nearby i was also able to see a group of underprivileged children that were crying and some were playing. These children are found in each and every locality of the country but they are often ignored. One kid was so cute and was roaming here and there he even started playing with me.

We have a lot of things that are going around you but we are lost in our own world that we ignore and dont observe things. so just open your eyes enjoy your world !! and take care of the people around you . It feels awesome 😀

If you have anything to share with us do share it in the comment section below. Feedback is always welcome 🙂