New City New Life #PuneKiKahaani

Pune Junction it said….I double checked whether I read it correctly because I have been waiting for this moment since quite a long time. I read it thrice and shouted “Thank you Bappa !! I love you “ . It is rightly said that when you try to get something honestly you are bound to get that thing and sooner or later you will get it.

Hard work and honest efforts are something that will surely help you to succeed in life. Success is something that largely depends on your hard work. But nowadays very few people understand this thing and they devise new ways of achieving success using shortcuts.

Alright new place….new people and a completely new surrounding. As soon as our train halted at the railway station we were surrounded in a complete mess. Yes but there was something that was appealing to my ears and I was loving it.

I have been literally loving this place because it is so lively and the best part is i have got some very cool friends and colleagues to work in the office who have the same mindset which i am having and are just fun loving.  I am getting my favourite food which i missed since months and now i go to my hometown whenever i wished because it is comparatively closer now.

Coimbatore has taught a lot of things to me and has given beautiful memories that can be cherished for life.The calmness of that city, the cool climate, the mountains and places to hangout on weekends are always close to my heart and I gonna miss them for life.

Alright so finally I have got a project too …How lovely it is !! I have been working day and night previously to get a project…my first project… but I failed in getting one.I read somewhere that the point at which you give up something is just one step back towards your goal .But the thing is every time we fail to identify that point and don’t think that we are close to our goal.

So when should we move our steps back ? The answer to this question that we should always try our best till things don’t end up. The end result would might be in our favor or not but we won’t regret that we didn’t tried. We should be honest to ourselves after that only we can ask others to be honest.



Welcome to My World !!

Its quite a long time that i was planning to create a new blog to share my feelings with others. But i was not getting time to do so since last do many days.First the mid sem examination then these assignments,quizzes and assessment projects. It was like i was fully lost in a different wonderland.I am a regular blogger and i love to blog and express my knowledge,feelings and emotions with the whole world.

I am 5 feet 7 inches tall boy who loves to enjoy this world.I guess this is the best one line definition of myself.I love to work or you can call me workaholic because i composed when my mind is engrossed in a different thing. I am also a trained tabla player and music is like a medicine to me. You can also call it a drug because my day starts with a cool song and it also ends with a lovely song. Presently i am pursuing my Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology. It is quite a long story so keep visiting my blog there is lot of stuffs yet to be shared 😀 and enjoy your life.