The Breaking News Story

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Yesterday when I came back to my house after taking my tuition classes I switched on the TV.Every single news channel was airing news regarding the national herald case trial which was held yesterday. Each and every channel was keen in increasing the TRP rating by demonstrating that they have the India’s fastest updated newsroom. There were debates related to the case, anchors were shouting, correspondent were yelling like anything and every step was taken so that the viewer is glued to the television.This thing is not particularly related to the trial that held yesterday but I saw the same thing repeating again when there are elections in the country, state or constituency or during anything that can be termed as breaking news by the media and can be served nicely to the public.

Well I don’t wish to talk further on these news channel or the content being broadcast by them or about the political parties but I have often noticed that the common man suffers a lot because of these protest whether these protest are by a political party, organization, union or anyone . I have read news related to various incidents that happened during these protest.Sometimes ambulance get stuck and the patient dies just because he was unable to reach the hospital and was not able to get medical help, many poor people have to sleep hungry since they were unable to earn anything because many business shops, organization and companies were closed because of these protest, children are unable to attend the school and there are lots of incident related to it where the only victim is the common man.

So are these protest for anything sensible ?? Well I will say yes provided they are related to some suitable and sensible topic related to the society and the people. Protest related to anything that is mainly to satisfy political,monetary or any such type of greed or benefit so that a particular person or organization is benefited needs to be opposed and no support should be provided to such protest.

I remember the protest when the Nirbhaya Rape case happened in Delhi and the protest resulted in lots of measure that were taken by the government for the security and safety of the women however many more things should be done.But such type of protest are for the society and should be supported by the people. We need to think what is right and what is wrong and then react. Just reacting by seeing these news channel’s breaking news or anything that is fabricated doesn’t make any sense. Because the truth behind these fabricated things also gets exposed  after sometime and anybody with truthful intentions is the ultimate winner at last.

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The Theory of Festivals

Things around me

The five days Diwali festival has just began and the whole surrounding is just awesome.Whether its the market,locality and even the footpaths they are full of lights, people, decorative shops and a lot of stuff.Diwali is my favorite festival since it is festival of lights and i literally love lights because since my childhood days  whether its the lightning during thunderstorm or the bulb that hangs on the lamp post just next to my house these various forms of lights have provided me a lot of strength, energy, positivity and happiness.

We usually clean our houses, paint them with beautiful colors and decorate them with flowers, rangoli, electric lights and many more things before diwali, we enjoy holika dehan and play with a lot of Rang, gulal or in short colors during the festival of Holi, fly kites and celebrate the new harvest during Makar Sankranti and different things on various festivals.Our way to celebrate these festivals changes with respect to every festival.

But if its tradition, culture, ethics,ritual or anything else. It usually connect us with the people around us whether they are our relatives,friends,people from the society or even strangers.Festivals provide an immense feeling of satisfaction, a lot of love from various sources, extraordinary energy,positivity, attitude that is beneficial and a lot of things that make our life beautiful and help us to survive in this world.

Many people think that its a foolish thing to celebrate these festivals but they should think if anything is created by our forefathers its like fruit from a sapling that has just began to grew as a tree due to continuous nourishment and various factors like experience and a great amount of thinking that has helped it to ripen it into a delicious entity.

Man is a social animal and society is the core element that changes our attitude and the way of thinking. It acts as a guiding force that help us live happily and to experience various ups and downs that we face in our path. Festivals and the society share a strong bond since ages and i would say enjoy these festivals because life is simple and beautiful 🙂

since its my dad’s bday posting a pic with my daddy 😀

In love with nature

My world

These days i am just loving this beautiful planet called earth specifically nature . Since last few days a small bird’s chirping is waking me right on time. I am not at all late and this thing is making my morning awesome.That bird maybe a sparrow(because it looks like that) just sits on my room’s window grill and starts chirping. Its voice is so pleasant and i have to wake up welcoming her and wishing it good morning 😀

Next thing is the moon that is so beautiful.Karwa Choth(a famous indian festival) was celebrated recently and i was literally feeling wonderful thinking that how interesting thing it is that a thing called moon connects a lot of people around the world.Sometime i feel jealous thinking about moon that why its so beautiful that people around the world simply adore its beauty so much 😛

Moon at night is so beautiful that you can spend the whole night just seeing it without even blinking your eyes. Your eyes doesn’t get affected a bit.It also acts a guide for people who are travelling or residing in areas where there is no electricity and other resources so that they can see things around them easily.

When i was in my school days i used to gaze the whole sky when i used to study the whole night during small intervals which i used to take while studing. Even today when i am awake the whole night i follow the same routine. When i am not in a mood to study ie:- i am simply awake i simply gaze the sky for hours and watch the beautiful stars and moon.

Even the sun elates my heart at times. Its a huge collection of energy just huge i would say !! And it inspire me to work with lot of energy,dedication and sincerity with thinking of the circumstances that your will encounter in your life.

Apart from the  many things in this nature two things: the Sun and Moon never discriminate people on the basis of anything. They are just the same for anybody ,any time and anywhere around the world.

There are many things around you that are the core elements of nature and they are just awesome, quite inspirational and things for which you can thank god 😀

So enjoy your life  and be happy 😀

Namaste ji namaste !!

My world

You all may be familiar with the term namaste. For all those who are not familiar with this word its a form of greeting in Hindi largely used in the Indian Subcontinent and around the world.But since last few days i have been in a very weird situation. It made me laugh at times and i just feel pity at times.

We have a uncle who live in our locality who is very famous among us as the Namaste ji uncle !! lol 😉 He is so weird that he often obstructs the road when one is going or returning from somewhere till they stop and greet him Namaste ji 😀  Literally its hilarious because he even obstructs the main entrance and at times even the road in the morning when they board their school bus. And then he has to face their anger if their unable to board their bus or if they fall down and are injured.Apart from that even other uncles and aunty are found shouting on him to leave their way. After which he leave their way and let them go.

Actually respect comes from your inner soul. If you feel some respect for some person your head always bows in front of him to show respect. Its hilarious when you encounter these people around you and at last you feel LOL 😀

Leaving you with a pic that i captured from my terrace few months back when it was raining . Till then Enjoy your life !!