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Life always take a u turn when you can’t imagine even in your dreams but the outcome is good sometimes. When I was transferred from Chennai to Coimbatore, I least expected the same fun and energy from this city compared to Chennai. But it has been a good experience and a completely new journey with a lot of memories.

The main thing I noticed coming to this city is the peace and silence that is super awesome. As soon as you reach this city the main thing that attracts you is the peace, calmness and silence. Living in Chennai was like I used to wake up early, get ready, rush to office, come back to my PG that too fully drenched with sweat and exhausted, have my dinner and then again go to sleep. I am following the same schedule in Coimbatore also but here the weather is so cool and good compared to Chennai, traffic is also not that bad, people are very helpful and since the city is small the distance between two places is also very small.

Life always teaches you a lesson that you often forget to interpret and in most cases people are late to find out why things turn up the other way at last. This has been a very crucial time of my life because I have found new friends that are an important part of my life now and even I have lost few friends. I have faced very awkward situations, have cried many times, smiled many times and a faced a lot of situations that had taught me a lot.

I was born in Bhopal, completed my schooling from Bhopal itself and now for the first time I am out of the city. I have been surrounded by my relatives, friends and family till the time  my graduation got completed. The experience of living independently alone in a completely new city, the problems and challenges you have to face when you can’t get the help of your relatives specifically your family were completely unknown to me.

Meanwhile life goes on and doesn’t wait for someone to adjust accordingly. You have to adjust  and whether you like it or not you have to face everything that comes in your path. It is often termed as a path that is full of ups and downs, you can fall while walking on this path but you have to stand and again continue walking on the same path irrespective of  the pain, happiness, agony or anything.

Enjoy Your life and Keep Smiling 🙂


Its time to celebrate !!


Happiness is something that cannot be defined , can’t be created , even can’t be destroyed and it cannot be transformed as well. So why don’t we share happiness ?? Sharing amplifies the overall effect of it and is the only way by which we can pass on this amazing thing created by god to other and can make the life of people around you more beautiful and joyful.

As I write this post celebration have just started in my neighbour’s house because it’s the birthday of one of the kid living in that house. It can be easily seen from my room’s window how happy people are because there faces are twinkling with happiness.Its midnight and as the calmness of the night is increasing a deep sense of satisfaction is increasing in my mind.

So what is main reason of this satisfaction?? Why we feel happy when we also celebrate with lots of people all around ?? Is there anything special in celebrating with people ?? What is the difference or does it really matters at all ??
When you celebrate any occasion with a group or with anyone else.You share your happiness with the person or a group of person that time, in return that person also amplifies your happiness by adding his share of happiness with your share and transfers it to others and others follow the same thing and cycle goes on .

Happiness is related to positive energy. When there is a lot of negativity all around in the world we need a lot of positive energy that helps to rejuvenate our body and mind to perform better in our life. Happiness provides that positive energy and that is why it is often related to better living.

It really matters when you celebrate with others because the more you share your happiness the more it will be ‘Amplified’. And there is nothing wrong to be happy and to think how we can perform better in life.

So the next time when you have to celebrate a special occasion or you have to go to a party,gathering or anywhere else don’t hesitate because there is nothing wrong to share your happiness with lots of people whom you wish can also enjoy and celebrate and also don’t even hesitate to be part of someone’s celebration because by being the part of it you will feel happier and memories that can be cherished will be created.

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Some unexplored pathways

Things around me

Few days before i got my provisional degree from the university which says i am an engineer now. My dad was also present in the college admin building when i collected the degree and other related documents and i could easily see a twinkle in his eyes when he saw my degree. He read the whole contents of it and then patted my back twice in sheer happiness and thanked god.

Four years back when i joined the engineering college , i could easily spot those people who were fixed yet exploring the various aspects of their personality in finding the correct path for pursuing their career. And after four years i can still find those people who are confused that they should pursue engineering or not and some where also there who even don’t have interest in engineering but were forcibly asked to choose engineering as their career because some belong to very poor background and their family has sold or mortgaged their ancestral property so that their child can fulfill their dreams and some people were also there who have opted for engineering because they were still confused what to do so after seeing their  verma ji or sharma ji ka beta’s(son’s) salary working in an multinational IT Company they decided that their son/daughter will become a computer engineer .

In India the first question that comes into a parent’s mind or anyone is as usual loog kya kahenge ? and believe me this question has destroyed the life of many people in this country where more than 80 % people take their decisions keeping in mind the reaction of people living in the society. Believe me its slowly becoming a culture in India that people don’t think a bit different and follow the crowd that is headed by someone who himself even don’t  know sometimes what to do in his life in the near future.

By the way if i move around and ask people about the various professions that an individual can pursue in their life .People really know only very few  professions that can be easily counted on fingers and the most popular is Engineering . If someone is an engineer in my area or mainly in India he is seen like a rockstar and even parent’s think that he will earn more than the richest man living in their society or village. Even his mother think that he will receive more dowry if her son is working in a IT company like Infosys, TCS or Wipro.

But learn to respect your child’s decision because its his life and you would be very happy when he will love his profession in the future.Support your child’s decision because when someone completes his school he is mentally and physically strong to complete his future studies he just need your support either financially or by any means so that he gets the required inner strength to move forward and be a successful human. Teach your child the various lessons of life which are not taught by anyone in this world and various things  you have learned by your experiences which is just priceless for him .Let him explore the unexplored pathways by you and follow his dream in his life. It will provide him a great sense of happiness and he will be one of the most happiest person in this world

illogical and weird people all around

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I have been in a serious dilemma these days whether to ignore people or to handle few people that are seriously illogical and weird i can say 🙂 At times i am left laughing madly on their witty arguments and at times i am disheartened but most of the time you can find me laughing and i usually think OMG seriously mad ……god please help this poor guy 😛

There are different types of people i usually meet in my daily life. I have previously mentioned in my post about a uncle who have been called Namaste uncle by the kids of our locality. Actually my locality is an absolute mess of people which is very interesting ,having different way of thinking actually mindset would be a perfect word. Few days back a new guy has shifted back to his house. Yesterday i met him and i noticed he was out of this world. He usually noticed very small things that are to be ignored. He even argued with our security guard because he hasn’t combed his hair. hahaha 🙂 everyone was shocked when the security guard told the society in charge about the total incident.

Some people have a weird tendency to spot negative things around themselves. My cousin who came to my house few days back for the diwali vacations told me about his friend who has this habit of spotting negativity and generating new problems for himself and even for their family too.

Even my classmate disheartened me few days ago. He had a habit of moving here and there and usually followed the copy paste rule thats very famous between the college going students for completing their work. When we were allotted the same group for the project work, he didn’t even bothered to ask what were we developing(since i am a software engineering student). At last he was removed from our group because he didn’t contacted our project guide and since i was the group leader i was blamed and the whole thing ended up with an argument.

There are lots of people around us some are logical and smart which are praised by the society but some are purely illogical and people usually ignore and neglect such people. It depends who your are and how your perceive things otherwise people will classify you in the category of illogical.

Till then Enjoy your life 😀

The Theory of Festivals

Things around me

The five days Diwali festival has just began and the whole surrounding is just awesome.Whether its the market,locality and even the footpaths they are full of lights, people, decorative shops and a lot of stuff.Diwali is my favorite festival since it is festival of lights and i literally love lights because since my childhood days  whether its the lightning during thunderstorm or the bulb that hangs on the lamp post just next to my house these various forms of lights have provided me a lot of strength, energy, positivity and happiness.

We usually clean our houses, paint them with beautiful colors and decorate them with flowers, rangoli, electric lights and many more things before diwali, we enjoy holika dehan and play with a lot of Rang, gulal or in short colors during the festival of Holi, fly kites and celebrate the new harvest during Makar Sankranti and different things on various festivals.Our way to celebrate these festivals changes with respect to every festival.

But if its tradition, culture, ethics,ritual or anything else. It usually connect us with the people around us whether they are our relatives,friends,people from the society or even strangers.Festivals provide an immense feeling of satisfaction, a lot of love from various sources, extraordinary energy,positivity, attitude that is beneficial and a lot of things that make our life beautiful and help us to survive in this world.

Many people think that its a foolish thing to celebrate these festivals but they should think if anything is created by our forefathers its like fruit from a sapling that has just began to grew as a tree due to continuous nourishment and various factors like experience and a great amount of thinking that has helped it to ripen it into a delicious entity.

Man is a social animal and society is the core element that changes our attitude and the way of thinking. It acts as a guiding force that help us live happily and to experience various ups and downs that we face in our path. Festivals and the society share a strong bond since ages and i would say enjoy these festivals because life is simple and beautiful 🙂

since its my dad’s bday posting a pic with my daddy 😀

In love with nature

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These days i am just loving this beautiful planet called earth specifically nature . Since last few days a small bird’s chirping is waking me right on time. I am not at all late and this thing is making my morning awesome.That bird maybe a sparrow(because it looks like that) just sits on my room’s window grill and starts chirping. Its voice is so pleasant and i have to wake up welcoming her and wishing it good morning 😀

Next thing is the moon that is so beautiful.Karwa Choth(a famous indian festival) was celebrated recently and i was literally feeling wonderful thinking that how interesting thing it is that a thing called moon connects a lot of people around the world.Sometime i feel jealous thinking about moon that why its so beautiful that people around the world simply adore its beauty so much 😛

Moon at night is so beautiful that you can spend the whole night just seeing it without even blinking your eyes. Your eyes doesn’t get affected a bit.It also acts a guide for people who are travelling or residing in areas where there is no electricity and other resources so that they can see things around them easily.

When i was in my school days i used to gaze the whole sky when i used to study the whole night during small intervals which i used to take while studing. Even today when i am awake the whole night i follow the same routine. When i am not in a mood to study ie:- i am simply awake i simply gaze the sky for hours and watch the beautiful stars and moon.

Even the sun elates my heart at times. Its a huge collection of energy just huge i would say !! And it inspire me to work with lot of energy,dedication and sincerity with thinking of the circumstances that your will encounter in your life.

Apart from the  many things in this nature two things: the Sun and Moon never discriminate people on the basis of anything. They are just the same for anybody ,any time and anywhere around the world.

There are many things around you that are the core elements of nature and they are just awesome, quite inspirational and things for which you can thank god 😀

So enjoy your life  and be happy 😀

Namaste ji namaste !!

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You all may be familiar with the term namaste. For all those who are not familiar with this word its a form of greeting in Hindi largely used in the Indian Subcontinent and around the world.But since last few days i have been in a very weird situation. It made me laugh at times and i just feel pity at times.

We have a uncle who live in our locality who is very famous among us as the Namaste ji uncle !! lol 😉 He is so weird that he often obstructs the road when one is going or returning from somewhere till they stop and greet him Namaste ji 😀  Literally its hilarious because he even obstructs the main entrance and at times even the road in the morning when they board their school bus. And then he has to face their anger if their unable to board their bus or if they fall down and are injured.Apart from that even other uncles and aunty are found shouting on him to leave their way. After which he leave their way and let them go.

Actually respect comes from your inner soul. If you feel some respect for some person your head always bows in front of him to show respect. Its hilarious when you encounter these people around you and at last you feel LOL 😀

Leaving you with a pic that i captured from my terrace few months back when it was raining . Till then Enjoy your life !!

The Navratri happiness

My world

Navratri finally ended yesterday and really it was just awesome this time. The first day of navratri started with the great news of i being placed and believe me that was one of the best day of my life. I was overjoyed and was dancing and singing as if i am from a different world ie:- i am alien. Really if you saw me that day you could have believed this thing which i am saying today.

The results came one day before and i was continuously biting my nails while travelling to the place where the results were announced. On my way i spotted around 10-15 goddess durga idols and i was feeling so nervous that time. But when the results were announced i felt so relaxed and relieved.

#RandomClick One of the Goddess durga idol i spotted on my way

#RandomClick One of the Goddess durga idol i spotted on my way

From the next day i slept like a crazy guy i dont know why maybe it was due to the tiring month that just passed away giving a excellent news of being placed at the end.For the next two days there were Mithai Sessions and some official work regarding some forms that were to be filled.

Meanwhile in the next days i just went outside to see various jhankees or pandals where various colorful idols of Goddess durga were placed. I literally love this thing and enjoy it every year.Maybe its the purity of these festivals that really attracts devotees around the world to India.

You can easily find various shades of life when you visit these pandals

  • While visiting one pandal i met a guy in the food zone who was a college student. He operates a Chinese Corner from the evening in that place and studies B Comm in a good college in the morning. When i asked that why he operates this stall he said he needs money to continue his studies and to bear all his expenses.
  • I literally love the footpaths because they usually teach me a lot of lessons in my life. So when i was returning back to my home. I found two pair of kids one who were poor and the other one who were from quite a rich family. The kids who were underprivileged i would say were sharing the dinner (that was small plate of i guess rice) while the kids that were from the rich family were fighting for a plate of Chole Bhature (which were at the end thrown on the floor)
  • The next one were the politicians that were as usual wearing a fake smile on there face and were having a fake attitude that was clearly visible.(Impressing the majority of people for filling the vote banks in the upcoming elections so ignore this thing :P)
  • Some guys were found manipulating people to earn as much money as possible.
  • The best part were the real devotees that were lost in their own world. Worshipping Durga Ji in every possible way.
  • I need to mention a pair of small puppies too that enjoy there world unaware of what’s going around them.

There were Garba and Dandiya nights. Were people were found dancing with full of energy and happiness were at the best level in the whole environment.There were dance shows, skit shows and various talent hunts for spotting new talents which was suitably rewarded.

The festival ended with Vijaya Dashmi that was awesome too. This festival is celebrated on Navmi on that day there are lot of Bhandaras. That serve delicious food to anybody which wishes to taste that awesome food 😀 Then we went for the Ravan Dehan  in the adjacent colony. The small ravan was made by the kids. There was a lot of excitement, energy and joy which was clearly visible on there face.

This Navratri was one of the best navratri in my life and i totally enjoyed it. If you have anything to share with us do share it in the comments section below Enjoy your life 🙂

A refreshing walk

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Since quite a long time i was dying to go for a refreshing morning walk that is comparatively longer than the usual daily walk that at times is so boring.So this morning i got the opportunity to go for a walk that i was thinking since few days.

I have to wake up early today due to some task which i have to complete quite early in the morning. When i woke up, it was dark and there was time for the sunrise. The beautiful moon wished me good morning accompanied by a lot of small twinkling stars in the dark sky. Then i listened to some good songs and then went for a walk.

The cool breeze that was flowing caressed my face as i reached the vast ground that is near to my house.People these days are so busy in there daily schedule and have to run here are there that they don’t even pay attention to what’s going around there locality.The whole atmosphere was so pleasing that i was enjoying the whole thing.I even observed few people that at times made me laugh.

The first one were people with there pets. Some were like running so fast that i thought whether they have bought the pet for a walk or the pet has bought them 🙂 i literally love pets but when you encounter such scenes you feel like OMG !! thats interesting haha 😀

The next one were drunkards that were lost in their own world. Completely  unaware with what’s going on in the present world. There world lies between the boundaries of the road on which they fall after a hangover and then shout and run like anything on the passing traffic.

School kids waiting for their bus where the next one that i encountered on my way. A small boy waiting for the bus carrying a bag that was double his size was looking so eager with the schedule and things that he will learn in the whole day. Kids have a amazing tendency of expressing things which very few adults have, they express everything to there parents so innocently that you might feel awww that was so cute 🙂

Then the fourth one were the people who walk on the wrong side like maniacs in the morning murmuring something or humming some bhajan or song. They are so stubborn that inspite of telling them to please follow traffic rules they are glued to there own rules and traffic rules are like crap for them. Creating jams and accidents are usually because of these people.

There were some love birds too and the one that actually went for a walk with the sole purpose of talking to there partner. They are lost in there world that consists of there partner, the beautiful and pleasant climate, their mobile phone  and the road on which they are walking 😉 These people can be easily found on lonely areas, gardens or i guess everywhere 😛

How can i leave the newspaper vendors and milkman who are found daily and are always on time for delivering things.But look around you might find some vendors that are students or people who require money and are doing this job for helping there family.So dont ignore or disrespect them at times .

Since we have a construction site nearby i was also able to see a group of underprivileged children that were crying and some were playing. These children are found in each and every locality of the country but they are often ignored. One kid was so cute and was roaming here and there he even started playing with me.

We have a lot of things that are going around you but we are lost in our own world that we ignore and dont observe things. so just open your eyes enjoy your world !! and take care of the people around you . It feels awesome 😀

If you have anything to share with us do share it in the comment section below. Feedback is always welcome 🙂

The pre placement talks :)

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So its the beginning  of the campus placement drives by various companies that have just started recruiting these days. Students are studying like maniacs preparing for their placement drives. You can easily find people studying in the corridors,staircases,library, classrooms and even some are found studying in the gardens and even canteen too.

Last week we attended the pre placement talk also abbreviated as PPT by a reputed Indian Software company.It was some sort of seminar too in which we were explained how to crack these aptitude test and interviews and get your dream job.We all assembled in our auditorium and then it was quite a long 4 hrs seminar cum PPT that was enjoyable too. The person that was giving the seminar was quite knowledgeable and experienced and he cracked jokes, explained some points , gave some tips and tricks and shared a lot of knowledge.

The Indian education system is categorized into various hierarchies. If you are studying in a IIT or any such reputed institution then you are considered a gem or a star in your community. If you are studying in a not so popular engineering college then be ready you might have to face some embarrassing moments in your life.

So when the seminar ended we boarded the college bus for returning back and we were accompanied by a group of students from what so called more reputed colleges. They were continuously commenting on us and were targeting our characters. The words they spoke were offensive and were hard to digest.Passing comments were i guess there daily routine and was considered a normal thing for them. They even didn’t spared the girls too.

People don’t understand that gaining knowledge is not only the thing that makes what we call a ideal man. Gain the knowledge the art of giving respect, the art of listening to the people, the attitude of being humble and the charm of being polite. It will for sure make you a wise man and you will be remembered for your character by the people.

Enjoy your life 🙂