Some unexplored pathways

Things around me

Few days before i got my provisional degree from the university which says i am an engineer now. My dad was also present in the college admin building when i collected the degree and other related documents and i could easily see a twinkle in his eyes when he saw my degree. He read the whole contents of it and then patted my back twice in sheer happiness and thanked god.

Four years back when i joined the engineering college , i could easily spot those people who were fixed yet exploring the various aspects of their personality in finding the correct path for pursuing their career. And after four years i can still find those people who are confused that they should pursue engineering or not and some where also there who even don’t have interest in engineering but were forcibly asked to choose engineering as their career because some belong to very poor background and their family has sold or mortgaged their ancestral property so that their child can fulfill their dreams and some people were also there who have opted for engineering because they were still confused what to do so after seeing their  verma ji or sharma ji ka beta’s(son’s) salary working in an multinational IT Company they decided that their son/daughter will become a computer engineer .

In India the first question that comes into a parent’s mind or anyone is as usual loog kya kahenge ? and believe me this question has destroyed the life of many people in this country where more than 80 % people take their decisions keeping in mind the reaction of people living in the society. Believe me its slowly becoming a culture in India that people don’t think a bit different and follow the crowd that is headed by someone who himself even don’t  know sometimes what to do in his life in the near future.

By the way if i move around and ask people about the various professions that an individual can pursue in their life .People really know only very few  professions that can be easily counted on fingers and the most popular is Engineering . If someone is an engineer in my area or mainly in India he is seen like a rockstar and even parent’s think that he will earn more than the richest man living in their society or village. Even his mother think that he will receive more dowry if her son is working in a IT company like Infosys, TCS or Wipro.

But learn to respect your child’s decision because its his life and you would be very happy when he will love his profession in the future.Support your child’s decision because when someone completes his school he is mentally and physically strong to complete his future studies he just need your support either financially or by any means so that he gets the required inner strength to move forward and be a successful human. Teach your child the various lessons of life which are not taught by anyone in this world and various things  you have learned by your experiences which is just priceless for him .Let him explore the unexplored pathways by you and follow his dream in his life. It will provide him a great sense of happiness and he will be one of the most happiest person in this world


Moving on after graduation

My world

So finally i am engineer and i really feel on top of the world after completing my graduation. It has been an amazing journey and i have totally enjoyed my college life.But after graduation life is full of enjoyment and happiness as there are no books, no studies,no late night study , no assignments and tutorials and no strict rules regarding studies by our parents. We are free to follow our own rules and enjoy life to the fullest.

But yes after graduation there are a lot of things that sometimes elate you or dishearten you on various specific moments. The most popular of them are your neighbors asking Beta graduation ke baad kya soocha hai ?? (What are your plans after graduation my child ??) This question is not weird but since i have been placed in a company the only question that is annoying me nowadays is when is your joining ?? I don’t know why people are so interested in these things. Apart from this the regular distracting personalities to whom my life is compared you might have heard in hindi movies like sharmaji ka beta, verma ji ka beta…these guys have not left a single stone upturned for adding beautiful distraction elements in my life lol 😛   

Apart from this i even found my some friends who want some extra attention !! I am unable to get this thing that friendship doesn’t require any specific acknowledgment that one cares for other but if there is some space for such acknowledgement then its not friendship. You have to be connected but its not like that we have to always say that i trust you , i believe you, you are my friend etc. Its weird because a true friend is the only person that doesn’t need any specific permission for peeping in into your life, he is always available whenever you want and its a bond that is strengthen using amazing additional elements of trust , believe and understanding.

I have been watching TV and surfing the internet these days like i am on a mission to create a world record and ACP Pradyuman’s regular order Daya is darwaze ko todd do is still echoing in my mind. I have been saturated watching TV and internet because all my friends are now in their respective cities ie:they have shifted back to their respective houses back to their hometown and i am left alone. Even my two sisters both are working and both are even not living in my hometown. I have been a busy guy when i was studying engineering because i was so engrossed in my work, family and friends but eventually this sudden emptiness is killing me very badly nowadays.

In the pic my best friends Narayan and Mansi

But you have to move on everytime you feel a bit sad or depressed. Its just a timespan which according to me i need to spend without thinking so much because a bright and a happy future is soon gonna knock my door. After some days i have to enter that corporate world about which i have heard a lot of things. I am about to receive that joining mail which i have been waiting since quite a long time. So i just need to move on and enjoy these vacations because life is like a tender sapling which has to face every storm and bright shiny weather and beautiful aspects of nature that allows him to grow into a strong and firm tree.

Few wishes left uncomplete

My world

So the timetable for the final semester has arrived and its time to start preparing for the examination.In the last semester nobody wishes to do anything whether it’s the sessional files,assignments and any other online or offline work. Its something like that we want to cherish every moment of our life and the last eight semesters we studied and enjoyed with our friends.

But every time i don’t know its matter of coincidence or anything else a very important work creeps in and i am out of the city left unanswered to my bunch of questions regarding why i can’t enjoy ?? I just wanna enjoy with my friends my last days of college but nonetheless work or the circumstances don’t allow me do so.

Whether it was the last month of my school life or now as few days of my college life are left i am out of the city. I really miss my school and every person related to my school life.My school its like a lifeline for me because whenever i am sad or super happy i really remember my school and every memory related to my school sends a tinge of energy and happiness to my spine and turns out the emotional turmoil in me….believe me its just wonderful 😀

Now as few days of my college life are left and i wanna enjoy every bit of it. College has taught a lot to me and has provided me a lot of inner strength to cope up various ups and downs in my life and a lot of memories are also related to it. Its a wonderful thing  when time and various circumstances teach u how to live up your life. Time and various circumstances are the best teachers and according to me everything around you teach something whether its moral values or anything else.

But as few wishes are left incomplete there is some small hollow space in my mind. From my school days i had a wish to receive official farewell from the authorities of my academic institutions like my college or school but things didn’t turn up and our batch was unable to receive the what so called official farewell and my wish was not fulfilled. We guys organized post farewell party in my school and what we also call batch party  in my college but again things didn’t turn up and i was unable to attend that party . However i am happy but a farewell wish is not that bad as according to me its the official way of saying Good Bye !! to our school or college .

Familiar tunes,unfamiliar languages 

My world

Its more than 2 years that i started hearing songs of other languages that i am not familiar with or in other words i don’t understand them but i love the tunes, the melodies that get fixed in my mind every time I hear a song. It started when one of my school friend( although we are in college now) shared a song from the album Yuvvh called Nenjodu Cherthu . I thought i should at least hear it for at least ones. Then as I heard it , I felt in love with the tune of that song and it got stuck in my mind. It was awesome and i just loved it.

And then the journey begun and its my regular routine to hear more and more songs from various languages like Tamil , Telugu, Malayalam etc whenever i go to bed at night and wake up in the morning. My friends call me weird but i don’t care because its music that provide me the energy and power to live my life happily 🙂 After i hearing  excellent songs in other languages I really feel too good that Indian Cinema or Music is so vibrant and soul touching.There are many playlists in my music  player for every mood comprising songs of various genres and languages.

Everytime I thank god for creating music because music is such an awesome thing that can even make a depressed person smile .Tunes and melodies directly hit your soul and affects our senses and provide you the required energy, power and many more things. And for people who love music a new fantastic tune is a reason to party 😀

Unexpected Holidays and placement drives

My world

Oh so now its more than a month i haven’t went to my college in the so called new session or semester. Life Seems to be boring and i have developed a great and a strong bond with my bed . Sounds silly but yes i sleep more than 10 hours now because i don’t have any sort of work to do. It might be very less for some freaky sleep loving people but believe me on a normal working day i don’t sleep for more than 8 hours.Anyway these unexpected holidays are really great and i just love them. Just blog, sleep ,watch TV, hang out with friends and  do whatever whacky things erupts in your mind and feel so relieved hahaha 🙂 But yes its really fantastic and try it you won’t feel bored 😛

Apart from that there are still placement drives being conducted in my college and you can still find a lot of students moving here and there gossipping, studying and preparing for the drives. Our College has a simple rule if a student is selected for a single company he is not allowed to appear in any other company’s placement drive leaving some exceptions.I feel so weird that if anybody wants to appear for another company but he gets selected he is barred to appear for his/her favourite company’s drive.

If you know that what’s gonna be the sequence of companies that are coming for placement drives its well and okk but if any company suddenly or conducts a off campus drive that you’re unaware of its upcoming drive,this seems to be irritating. Well its good that you’re at least selected but here your choice also matters. But we all are bound by rules and maybe i guess its our destiny too that is our future 🙂

Rain,exams and a hot cup of tea

My world

So its exam time once again and this semester its quite tough too 😉 ohh hoo not exams they are fine as usual but the climatic conditions are so weird that i thought i should mention this thing 😉 😛 Our exams started few days back in the last week of December and are about to end . I am in the seventh semester ( lucky me :P) of engineering as my About pages says and yes after one more semester i would be an engineer specifically software engineer.

Coming to the point this weather has been taking my tough examination since last few days. First it was hot and a bit sunny weather, then the year end brought incessant rains that lasted for few days and finally the most common chilly weather in which mercury forgets to rise is back in action.For the first time in my life i have experienced so many different shades of weather within a interval of around a week.

However this timespan reminds me of my school days when i with my sisters used to go for walk and when the wind started flowing she used to say that Bhai dekh exam waali hawa chalana shuru hogayi hai(look the wind that flows during the exam time has started) and we used to gaze the trees and the shrubs all around. We were kids and our mind usually brainstormed us with that weird sensation.It has been quite a long time after that school exams that we  faced were mainly in the month of March but memories are everlasting. We used to drink hot cup of tea and study during our examination in the night when we were busy fighting with the tough mathematical equations of calculus and tough chemical equations.

We both are about to complete our studies and would become working professionals now but old memories are like sweet chocolates.Few days back i was drinking tea and memories of the past reminded me of that time.And left me smiling and lost in the old memories for a while 🙂

Its a brand new year #HappyNewYear

My world

When i am writing this post celebrations for the new year have been started in many parts of the world. Everyone around is ready to welcome the new year wholeheartedly. 2014 has been one of the best year of my life and believe me it has given me a lot of memories. Although some memories were quite weird and sad but maximum for superb …..yes superb 😀

Some of the most memorable events and memories 

1.Campus Placement:-Beginning with the most memorable day of my life the day when i was selected in a reputed company. I was like on top of this world. I came dancing the whole way from the place where results were announced to my house. I with my friends were shouting, dancing, laughing and enjoying that moment the fullest.

2.My Sister’s Marriage:- This is also one of the sweetest memory of my life. My sister got married in 2014 and i haven’t seen her so much happy previously in my whole life. We have a new member in our family and my jiju is so cool 🙂

3.A Company of awesome friends:-Friends that make your life heaven. I have been searching for friends that can stay with me whenever i need them, understand me whenever i feel fixed and  2014 has given me true friends that have stayed with me in all my odd and happy days. We have faced each and every problems and first time in my life i am feeling so relieved 😀

4.My blog(which you are reading): Blogging has been such an interesting thing and 2014 has helped me to start my own blog and devote some time for blogging and interacting with my readers

It has been an amazing journey in my life and 2014 has added more color,more hues and brightness to the canvas of my life. With some weird, sour, tasteless and sad memories the year has provided beautiful memories to me.

It has been raining since morning and i am enjoying this weather very much. Wishing all a very happy new year 2015 🙂 May this year brings lots  of happiness,joy and fun in your life and may god fulfill all your wishes this time. Enjoy your life 😀

Leaving you with a pic i clicked from my terrace ……its raining since morning and i am loving this weather 😀 

Height Of Cowardness #PeshawarAttack

Things around me

Cowardness and Barbarism are quite depressing things that often affect humanity to a great extent. The attack on the small kids in Peshawar at Pakistan is one such thing that is quite depressing for the whole society.What was the fault of those innocent kids that died in the attack yesterday ?? They even don’t know what is terrorism and what’s going on in the present world outside the small space full of toys, their friends that are similarly aged ,their friends, their relatives and even some people whom they know and meet every day.Terrorism has no caste, no religion and even  it is not related to any particular country and area. Its a height of shamefulness and cowardness that affect the humanity.

The terrorist attacked the Army School just because they want to give the same pain to the army personnels and the so called brutal forces against them. Is it right to kill so much of students for the sake of counter attacking the army and the people against them just to get the required satisfaction so as to get the mental peace they are willing for since quite a long time. Any religion doesn’t teach us to kill the innocent people for any reason. Its considered to be offensive and no religion accepts any such thing. I am still in a mental trauma thinking that the terrorist attacked the school because the army has carried out a operation for coping with terrorism and many females and kids of the terrorists have died ,but does the massacre of  so much innocent people especially kids will provide peace to those females and kids of the terrorist that have died in the army operation. Its truly a shameful and a barbaric act that have destroyed the life of so many parents and lot of people. Sad day for humanity !! 😦

Forget about the past, think about the present


Scintillating Life

It sounds so depressing when people talk so much what sad incidents had happened in their life in the past. They don’t think they are found and are making their image as a depressed personality. Apart from that they also make the whole surrounding something i would say fishy, remembering the old incidents and saddening stories of the past. Its so painful i understand but things get more troublesome and weird when these people don’t learn a single lesson from what has happened in the past and continue to blabber the same incident without thinking in which group, community or place they are standing.

We need to learn from what we have experienced before and implement the changes that we want so that things didn’t get repeated again. You need to analyze things making a proper report in your mind of each incident that has happened and determine the faults…

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illogical and weird people all around

My world

I have been in a serious dilemma these days whether to ignore people or to handle few people that are seriously illogical and weird i can say 🙂 At times i am left laughing madly on their witty arguments and at times i am disheartened but most of the time you can find me laughing and i usually think OMG seriously mad ……god please help this poor guy 😛

There are different types of people i usually meet in my daily life. I have previously mentioned in my post about a uncle who have been called Namaste uncle by the kids of our locality. Actually my locality is an absolute mess of people which is very interesting ,having different way of thinking actually mindset would be a perfect word. Few days back a new guy has shifted back to his house. Yesterday i met him and i noticed he was out of this world. He usually noticed very small things that are to be ignored. He even argued with our security guard because he hasn’t combed his hair. hahaha 🙂 everyone was shocked when the security guard told the society in charge about the total incident.

Some people have a weird tendency to spot negative things around themselves. My cousin who came to my house few days back for the diwali vacations told me about his friend who has this habit of spotting negativity and generating new problems for himself and even for their family too.

Even my classmate disheartened me few days ago. He had a habit of moving here and there and usually followed the copy paste rule thats very famous between the college going students for completing their work. When we were allotted the same group for the project work, he didn’t even bothered to ask what were we developing(since i am a software engineering student). At last he was removed from our group because he didn’t contacted our project guide and since i was the group leader i was blamed and the whole thing ended up with an argument.

There are lots of people around us some are logical and smart which are praised by the society but some are purely illogical and people usually ignore and neglect such people. It depends who your are and how your perceive things otherwise people will classify you in the category of illogical.

Till then Enjoy your life 😀