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Things around me

It’s around midnight when i am writing this post and still i can hear various catchy party songs like Bum Bum Bum,Dj waley Babu, Chitiyan kalaiyan or many unrecognized Garba Songs.I usually have a habit of scribbling a short or smaller version of my blog post before ‘expanding’ it and there after posting it on my blog. Since Navratri is going on the usual bhajans and different types of songs which i previously mentioned say goodbye and good morning to me since there are lot of pandals around my housing society and even we have one in our society park.There are lot of sound amplifiers being placed too and there noise has created the whole environment in my house absolutely messy.

Today i woke up because of a very noisy music system which is placed quite close to my house and even now also i can hear a song being placed mixed by a local disk jockey who add extra promotional yo yo , brazil and Dj <dj name> in between there song changing the whole avatar of the song to something that is unrecognizable at times too.I am not complaining about this thing but yes i have lot of people living in my neighbourhood who will feel uncomfortable because of these sound boxes.I have a very old uncle, a new very small kid who has recently started walking and is still learning to balance himself,lots of student who have to attend their school and many people who get affected because of these sound systems.

As new technologies have started entering our world new gadgets are available and new ways of dominating on the other people are divised by the human beings. Out of such things sound system with additional output are a new thing to such category of things used for showing off or dominance on the other person.There is more and more investment being generated all thanks to the fear of god in the minds of the people living in the society.

I started living in the house in which i am currently living 10 years before and in these 10 years i have seen a lot of changes, some changes are good but some are really bad. 10 years before some construction workers started the tradition of placing lord Ganesha idols in the society park and which is then followed by the current society. I still remember the devotion of those construction workers and the calmness and peace i got in those 10 days of the lord Ganesha festival. There was small pandal, a small idol and no any other thing such as sound system, lighting etc was being done. The pandal was decorated using craft paper being brought by the local shop situated near our society.There was daily aarti, bhajans and different rituals were performed by those workers early in the morning and after they all completed there work. They collected money and never asked for any help by the residents of the society.

doorga-puja-gurgaonNowadays there are very big pandals, noisy sound systems being placed and a lot of stuff for making the pandal the best among the total pandals being placed by the people in the nearby areas or the whole city.But do these physical things like the dimensions of the pandal, the number of sound boxes being placed usually provide that inner peace we require to be mentally strong and physically fit ??

Spirituality is related to our mind or in other words religion is something that connects with the soul and worshipping god is mainly a path or a manner of providing mental stillness and calmness specifically peace to  a person.It doesn’t depends on how many candles you have burned,how many timesyou have prayed,how many gods you worship,which things you use in worshipping god etc.It depends on your devotion,concentration power,believe and the power you have in yourself. Its a connection of your soul with the various elements of nature,your body and a lot of things that help in making our life more beautiful.


Am i rich ??

Things around me

I have been teaching since last 3 years and it has been an awesome experience because teaching has provided me immense satisfaction and has taught me a lot of things. I am now more patient and have learned how to do something with dedication,hard work and a focussed attitude. It has also helped me in exploring the various forms of people and lifestyle related to them.

Life is an amazing journey and when you observe things around you very closely you can easily learn a lot of new things in your life . It has been few months when i along with my friends have been teaching underprivileged children in Bhopal and helping them in their studies so that they can perform better in life. I met a kid studying in 4th standard whom I taught Maths and Science and even I got a opportunity to closely observe his life. He used to live in small house made up of bricks ,aluminium sheets and grass in the nearby slum areas when I for the first time met his mother , father and her sister and saw what poverty is and how poor people actually live in our country.Despite of many schemes and funds being released by the government there seems no change in the life of these people.

I asked him that what you want to become ? He said “An Engineer !!” I just because of curiosity seeing his affection towards engineering asked “Why ?” He responded with a lovely smile “Bhaiya main apni life change karna chahta hu …aur mujhe naye ghar banane main maja aata hai(I want to bring a change in my life and I love to make new house) I was stunned and literally appreciated his dreams and passion. His mother said he studies on his own and at night when there is no proper environment to study in this house and the surrounding areas he goes to the nearby bridge and studies there utilizing the street light for his studies. I was really shocked seeing the devotion of that kid. Even I met a lot of kids like the one I previously mentioned and all of them expressed the same thing or have the same dreams.

After my graduation I started teaching a Kid studying in 4th standard in a very popular school promoted by a Media company in my city. I could easily saw the difference between the two kids the one who lived in the slum and this kid who reside in this over sized bungalow that was usually left empty because the kid’s parent were not in town most of the time or were not at all free. They were busy in their business and partying with family,friends and business partners. He has all sort of distractions like a smartphone(which he didn’t knew to operate), A LED TV in his room with a DTH connection, A Macbook pro laptop with a very fast internet connection, A driver with a modern SUV vehicle in his service and lots of things.

The kid from the rich background don’t know what dreams are and how we work day and night to turn them into reality. He just know that he has to maintain that standard that makes him class apart from more than half of the population in this world that calls him a rich guy.He know that he don’t have to work because he will be the only successor after his father leaves the business and handover all the office and business work to him.

I have to stop teaching that kid because he shifted to other place and I got busy in my work but that incident when recalled seriously surprises me about the attitude of the people towards there kids. Even a different view of this society in which we live made me uncomfortable seeing that the society is now divided on the basis of the economic status of people or their financial capability of spending money in showing their standard of living. The dedication of guy living in the slum was just awesome and just bow down and salute his hard work.

I have no issues regarding the financial status of the two kids but everyone needs to be dedicated liked the poor kid living in the slum areas.Parents needs to understand that a child needs your love and affection.He is left alone in this brutal world when his parents, the one who bought him in this world don’t support him in living a happy life and to fulfill his dreams.If you are the one start from now because its not late support your child and stand firmly in each and every ups and down he faces in his life. Teach him from your experiences that a human is the best creation by god and god has sent him in this world to work for humanity. He just needs to be happy,work hard and enjoy your life.

Its so good to teach someone #MissingKASHTI #Education #teaching #Happiness

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PS:Sharing a pic with one of those kid i taught when i was working for KASHTI

Some unexplored pathways

Things around me

Few days before i got my provisional degree from the university which says i am an engineer now. My dad was also present in the college admin building when i collected the degree and other related documents and i could easily see a twinkle in his eyes when he saw my degree. He read the whole contents of it and then patted my back twice in sheer happiness and thanked god.

Four years back when i joined the engineering college , i could easily spot those people who were fixed yet exploring the various aspects of their personality in finding the correct path for pursuing their career. And after four years i can still find those people who are confused that they should pursue engineering or not and some where also there who even don’t have interest in engineering but were forcibly asked to choose engineering as their career because some belong to very poor background and their family has sold or mortgaged their ancestral property so that their child can fulfill their dreams and some people were also there who have opted for engineering because they were still confused what to do so after seeing their  verma ji or sharma ji ka beta’s(son’s) salary working in an multinational IT Company they decided that their son/daughter will become a computer engineer .

In India the first question that comes into a parent’s mind or anyone is as usual loog kya kahenge ? and believe me this question has destroyed the life of many people in this country where more than 80 % people take their decisions keeping in mind the reaction of people living in the society. Believe me its slowly becoming a culture in India that people don’t think a bit different and follow the crowd that is headed by someone who himself even don’t  know sometimes what to do in his life in the near future.

By the way if i move around and ask people about the various professions that an individual can pursue in their life .People really know only very few  professions that can be easily counted on fingers and the most popular is Engineering . If someone is an engineer in my area or mainly in India he is seen like a rockstar and even parent’s think that he will earn more than the richest man living in their society or village. Even his mother think that he will receive more dowry if her son is working in a IT company like Infosys, TCS or Wipro.

But learn to respect your child’s decision because its his life and you would be very happy when he will love his profession in the future.Support your child’s decision because when someone completes his school he is mentally and physically strong to complete his future studies he just need your support either financially or by any means so that he gets the required inner strength to move forward and be a successful human. Teach your child the various lessons of life which are not taught by anyone in this world and various things  you have learned by your experiences which is just priceless for him .Let him explore the unexplored pathways by you and follow his dream in his life. It will provide him a great sense of happiness and he will be one of the most happiest person in this world

Height Of Cowardness #PeshawarAttack

Things around me

Cowardness and Barbarism are quite depressing things that often affect humanity to a great extent. The attack on the small kids in Peshawar at Pakistan is one such thing that is quite depressing for the whole society.What was the fault of those innocent kids that died in the attack yesterday ?? They even don’t know what is terrorism and what’s going on in the present world outside the small space full of toys, their friends that are similarly aged ,their friends, their relatives and even some people whom they know and meet every day.Terrorism has no caste, no religion and even  it is not related to any particular country and area. Its a height of shamefulness and cowardness that affect the humanity.

The terrorist attacked the Army School just because they want to give the same pain to the army personnels and the so called brutal forces against them. Is it right to kill so much of students for the sake of counter attacking the army and the people against them just to get the required satisfaction so as to get the mental peace they are willing for since quite a long time. Any religion doesn’t teach us to kill the innocent people for any reason. Its considered to be offensive and no religion accepts any such thing. I am still in a mental trauma thinking that the terrorist attacked the school because the army has carried out a operation for coping with terrorism and many females and kids of the terrorists have died ,but does the massacre of  so much innocent people especially kids will provide peace to those females and kids of the terrorist that have died in the army operation. Its truly a shameful and a barbaric act that have destroyed the life of so many parents and lot of people. Sad day for humanity !! 😦

The Theory of Festivals

Things around me

The five days Diwali festival has just began and the whole surrounding is just awesome.Whether its the market,locality and even the footpaths they are full of lights, people, decorative shops and a lot of stuff.Diwali is my favorite festival since it is festival of lights and i literally love lights because since my childhood days  whether its the lightning during thunderstorm or the bulb that hangs on the lamp post just next to my house these various forms of lights have provided me a lot of strength, energy, positivity and happiness.

We usually clean our houses, paint them with beautiful colors and decorate them with flowers, rangoli, electric lights and many more things before diwali, we enjoy holika dehan and play with a lot of Rang, gulal or in short colors during the festival of Holi, fly kites and celebrate the new harvest during Makar Sankranti and different things on various festivals.Our way to celebrate these festivals changes with respect to every festival.

But if its tradition, culture, ethics,ritual or anything else. It usually connect us with the people around us whether they are our relatives,friends,people from the society or even strangers.Festivals provide an immense feeling of satisfaction, a lot of love from various sources, extraordinary energy,positivity, attitude that is beneficial and a lot of things that make our life beautiful and help us to survive in this world.

Many people think that its a foolish thing to celebrate these festivals but they should think if anything is created by our forefathers its like fruit from a sapling that has just began to grew as a tree due to continuous nourishment and various factors like experience and a great amount of thinking that has helped it to ripen it into a delicious entity.

Man is a social animal and society is the core element that changes our attitude and the way of thinking. It acts as a guiding force that help us live happily and to experience various ups and downs that we face in our path. Festivals and the society share a strong bond since ages and i would say enjoy these festivals because life is simple and beautiful 🙂

since its my dad’s bday posting a pic with my daddy 😀