Let’s make it simple

Things around me

It’s around midnight when i am writing this post and still i can hear various catchy party songs like Bum Bum Bum,Dj waley Babu, Chitiyan kalaiyan or many unrecognized Garba Songs.I usually have a habit of scribbling a short or smaller version of my blog post before ‘expanding’ it and there after posting it on my blog. Since Navratri is going on the usual bhajans and different types of songs which i previously mentioned say goodbye and good morning to me since there are lot of pandals around my housing society and even we have one in our society park.There are lot of sound amplifiers being placed too and there noise has created the whole environment in my house absolutely messy.

Today i woke up because of a very noisy music system which is placed quite close to my house and even now also i can hear a song being placed mixed by a local disk jockey who add extra promotional yo yo , brazil and Dj <dj name> in between there song changing the whole avatar of the song to something that is unrecognizable at times too.I am not complaining about this thing but yes i have lot of people living in my neighbourhood who will feel uncomfortable because of these sound boxes.I have a very old uncle, a new very small kid who has recently started walking and is still learning to balance himself,lots of student who have to attend their school and many people who get affected because of these sound systems.

As new technologies have started entering our world new gadgets are available and new ways of dominating on the other people are divised by the human beings. Out of such things sound system with additional output are a new thing to such category of things used for showing off or dominance on the other person.There is more and more investment being generated all thanks to the fear of god in the minds of the people living in the society.

I started living in the house in which i am currently living 10 years before and in these 10 years i have seen a lot of changes, some changes are good but some are really bad. 10 years before some construction workers started the tradition of placing lord Ganesha idols in the society park and which is then followed by the current society. I still remember the devotion of those construction workers and the calmness and peace i got in those 10 days of the lord Ganesha festival. There was small pandal, a small idol and no any other thing such as sound system, lighting etc was being done. The pandal was decorated using craft paper being brought by the local shop situated near our society.There was daily aarti, bhajans and different rituals were performed by those workers early in the morning and after they all completed there work. They collected money and never asked for any help by the residents of the society.

doorga-puja-gurgaonNowadays there are very big pandals, noisy sound systems being placed and a lot of stuff for making the pandal the best among the total pandals being placed by the people in the nearby areas or the whole city.But do these physical things like the dimensions of the pandal, the number of sound boxes being placed usually provide that inner peace we require to be mentally strong and physically fit ??

Spirituality is related to our mind or in other words religion is something that connects with the soul and worshipping god is mainly a path or a manner of providing mental stillness and calmness specifically peace to  a person.It doesn’t depends on how many candles you have burned,how many timesyou have prayed,how many gods you worship,which things you use in worshipping god etc.It depends on your devotion,concentration power,believe and the power you have in yourself. Its a connection of your soul with the various elements of nature,your body and a lot of things that help in making our life more beautiful.


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