Familiar tunes,unfamiliar languages 

My world

Its more than 2 years that i started hearing songs of other languages that i am not familiar with or in other words i don’t understand them but i love the tunes, the melodies that get fixed in my mind every time I hear a song. It started when one of my school friend( although we are in college now) shared a song from the album Yuvvh called Nenjodu Cherthu . I thought i should at least hear it for at least ones. Then as I heard it , I felt in love with the tune of that song and it got stuck in my mind. It was awesome and i just loved it.

And then the journey begun and its my regular routine to hear more and more songs from various languages like Tamil , Telugu, Malayalam etc whenever i go to bed at night and wake up in the morning. My friends call me weird but i don’t care because its music that provide me the energy and power to live my life happily 🙂 After i hearing  excellent songs in other languages I really feel too good that Indian Cinema or Music is so vibrant and soul touching.There are many playlists in my music  player for every mood comprising songs of various genres and languages.

Everytime I thank god for creating music because music is such an awesome thing that can even make a depressed person smile .Tunes and melodies directly hit your soul and affects our senses and provide you the required energy, power and many more things. And for people who love music a new fantastic tune is a reason to party 😀


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