Unexpected Holidays and placement drives

My world

Oh so now its more than a month i haven’t went to my college in the so called new session or semester. Life Seems to be boring and i have developed a great and a strong bond with my bed . Sounds silly but yes i sleep more than 10 hours now because i don’t have any sort of work to do. It might be very less for some freaky sleep loving people but believe me on a normal working day i don’t sleep for more than 8 hours.Anyway these unexpected holidays are really great and i just love them. Just blog, sleep ,watch TV, hang out with friends and  do whatever whacky things erupts in your mind and feel so relieved hahaha 🙂 But yes its really fantastic and try it you won’t feel bored 😛

Apart from that there are still placement drives being conducted in my college and you can still find a lot of students moving here and there gossipping, studying and preparing for the drives. Our College has a simple rule if a student is selected for a single company he is not allowed to appear in any other company’s placement drive leaving some exceptions.I feel so weird that if anybody wants to appear for another company but he gets selected he is barred to appear for his/her favourite company’s drive.

If you know that what’s gonna be the sequence of companies that are coming for placement drives its well and okk but if any company suddenly or conducts a off campus drive that you’re unaware of its upcoming drive,this seems to be irritating. Well its good that you’re at least selected but here your choice also matters. But we all are bound by rules and maybe i guess its our destiny too that is our future 🙂


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