Rain,exams and a hot cup of tea

My world

So its exam time once again and this semester its quite tough too 😉 ohh hoo not exams they are fine as usual but the climatic conditions are so weird that i thought i should mention this thing 😉 😛 Our exams started few days back in the last week of December and are about to end . I am in the seventh semester ( lucky me :P) of engineering as my About pages says and yes after one more semester i would be an engineer specifically software engineer.

Coming to the point this weather has been taking my tough examination since last few days. First it was hot and a bit sunny weather, then the year end brought incessant rains that lasted for few days and finally the most common chilly weather in which mercury forgets to rise is back in action.For the first time in my life i have experienced so many different shades of weather within a interval of around a week.

However this timespan reminds me of my school days when i with my sisters used to go for walk and when the wind started flowing she used to say that Bhai dekh exam waali hawa chalana shuru hogayi hai(look the wind that flows during the exam time has started) and we used to gaze the trees and the shrubs all around. We were kids and our mind usually brainstormed us with that weird sensation.It has been quite a long time after that school exams that we  faced were mainly in the month of March but memories are everlasting. We used to drink hot cup of tea and study during our examination in the night when we were busy fighting with the tough mathematical equations of calculus and tough chemical equations.

We both are about to complete our studies and would become working professionals now but old memories are like sweet chocolates.Few days back i was drinking tea and memories of the past reminded me of that time.And left me smiling and lost in the old memories for a while 🙂


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