Its a brand new year #HappyNewYear

My world

When i am writing this post celebrations for the new year have been started in many parts of the world. Everyone around is ready to welcome the new year wholeheartedly. 2014 has been one of the best year of my life and believe me it has given me a lot of memories. Although some memories were quite weird and sad but maximum for superb …..yes superb 😀

Some of the most memorable events and memories 

1.Campus Placement:-Beginning with the most memorable day of my life the day when i was selected in a reputed company. I was like on top of this world. I came dancing the whole way from the place where results were announced to my house. I with my friends were shouting, dancing, laughing and enjoying that moment the fullest.

2.My Sister’s Marriage:- This is also one of the sweetest memory of my life. My sister got married in 2014 and i haven’t seen her so much happy previously in my whole life. We have a new member in our family and my jiju is so cool 🙂

3.A Company of awesome friends:-Friends that make your life heaven. I have been searching for friends that can stay with me whenever i need them, understand me whenever i feel fixed and  2014 has given me true friends that have stayed with me in all my odd and happy days. We have faced each and every problems and first time in my life i am feeling so relieved 😀

4.My blog(which you are reading): Blogging has been such an interesting thing and 2014 has helped me to start my own blog and devote some time for blogging and interacting with my readers

It has been an amazing journey in my life and 2014 has added more color,more hues and brightness to the canvas of my life. With some weird, sour, tasteless and sad memories the year has provided beautiful memories to me.

It has been raining since morning and i am enjoying this weather very much. Wishing all a very happy new year 2015 🙂 May this year brings lots  of happiness,joy and fun in your life and may god fulfill all your wishes this time. Enjoy your life 😀

Leaving you with a pic i clicked from my terrace ……its raining since morning and i am loving this weather 😀 


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