Height Of Cowardness #PeshawarAttack

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Cowardness and Barbarism are quite depressing things that often affect humanity to a great extent. The attack on the small kids in Peshawar at Pakistan is one such thing that is quite depressing for the whole society.What was the fault of those innocent kids that died in the attack yesterday ?? They even don’t know what is terrorism and what’s going on in the present world outside the small space full of toys, their friends that are similarly aged ,their friends, their relatives and even some people whom they know and meet every day.Terrorism has no caste, no religion and even  it is not related to any particular country and area. Its a height of shamefulness and cowardness that affect the humanity.

The terrorist attacked the Army School just because they want to give the same pain to the army personnels and the so called brutal forces against them. Is it right to kill so much of students for the sake of counter attacking the army and the people against them just to get the required satisfaction so as to get the mental peace they are willing for since quite a long time. Any religion doesn’t teach us to kill the innocent people for any reason. Its considered to be offensive and no religion accepts any such thing. I am still in a mental trauma thinking that the terrorist attacked the school because the army has carried out a operation for coping with terrorism and many females and kids of the terrorists have died ,but does the massacre of  so much innocent people especially kids will provide peace to those females and kids of the terrorist that have died in the army operation. Its truly a shameful and a barbaric act that have destroyed the life of so many parents and lot of people. Sad day for humanity !! 😦


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