In love with nature

My world

These days i am just loving this beautiful planet called earth specifically nature . Since last few days a small bird’s chirping is waking me right on time. I am not at all late and this thing is making my morning awesome.That bird maybe a sparrow(because it looks like that) just sits on my room’s window grill and starts chirping. Its voice is so pleasant and i have to wake up welcoming her and wishing it good morning 😀

Next thing is the moon that is so beautiful.Karwa Choth(a famous indian festival) was celebrated recently and i was literally feeling wonderful thinking that how interesting thing it is that a thing called moon connects a lot of people around the world.Sometime i feel jealous thinking about moon that why its so beautiful that people around the world simply adore its beauty so much 😛

Moon at night is so beautiful that you can spend the whole night just seeing it without even blinking your eyes. Your eyes doesn’t get affected a bit.It also acts a guide for people who are travelling or residing in areas where there is no electricity and other resources so that they can see things around them easily.

When i was in my school days i used to gaze the whole sky when i used to study the whole night during small intervals which i used to take while studing. Even today when i am awake the whole night i follow the same routine. When i am not in a mood to study ie:- i am simply awake i simply gaze the sky for hours and watch the beautiful stars and moon.

Even the sun elates my heart at times. Its a huge collection of energy just huge i would say !! And it inspire me to work with lot of energy,dedication and sincerity with thinking of the circumstances that your will encounter in your life.

Apart from the  many things in this nature two things: the Sun and Moon never discriminate people on the basis of anything. They are just the same for anybody ,any time and anywhere around the world.

There are many things around you that are the core elements of nature and they are just awesome, quite inspirational and things for which you can thank god 😀

So enjoy your life  and be happy 😀


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