Namaste ji namaste !!

My world

You all may be familiar with the term namaste. For all those who are not familiar with this word its a form of greeting in Hindi largely used in the Indian Subcontinent and around the world.But since last few days i have been in a very weird situation. It made me laugh at times and i just feel pity at times.

We have a uncle who live in our locality who is very famous among us as the Namaste ji uncle !! lol 😉 He is so weird that he often obstructs the road when one is going or returning from somewhere till they stop and greet him Namaste ji 😀  Literally its hilarious because he even obstructs the main entrance and at times even the road in the morning when they board their school bus. And then he has to face their anger if their unable to board their bus or if they fall down and are injured.Apart from that even other uncles and aunty are found shouting on him to leave their way. After which he leave their way and let them go.

Actually respect comes from your inner soul. If you feel some respect for some person your head always bows in front of him to show respect. Its hilarious when you encounter these people around you and at last you feel LOL 😀

Leaving you with a pic that i captured from my terrace few months back when it was raining . Till then Enjoy your life !!


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