The pre placement talks :)

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So its the beginning  of the campus placement drives by various companies that have just started recruiting these days. Students are studying like maniacs preparing for their placement drives. You can easily find people studying in the corridors,staircases,library, classrooms and even some are found studying in the gardens and even canteen too.

Last week we attended the pre placement talk also abbreviated as PPT by a reputed Indian Software company.It was some sort of seminar too in which we were explained how to crack these aptitude test and interviews and get your dream job.We all assembled in our auditorium and then it was quite a long 4 hrs seminar cum PPT that was enjoyable too. The person that was giving the seminar was quite knowledgeable and experienced and he cracked jokes, explained some points , gave some tips and tricks and shared a lot of knowledge.

The Indian education system is categorized into various hierarchies. If you are studying in a IIT or any such reputed institution then you are considered a gem or a star in your community. If you are studying in a not so popular engineering college then be ready you might have to face some embarrassing moments in your life.

So when the seminar ended we boarded the college bus for returning back and we were accompanied by a group of students from what so called more reputed colleges. They were continuously commenting on us and were targeting our characters. The words they spoke were offensive and were hard to digest.Passing comments were i guess there daily routine and was considered a normal thing for them. They even didn’t spared the girls too.

People don’t understand that gaining knowledge is not only the thing that makes what we call a ideal man. Gain the knowledge the art of giving respect, the art of listening to the people, the attitude of being humble and the charm of being polite. It will for sure make you a wise man and you will be remembered for your character by the people.

Enjoy your life 🙂


6 thoughts on “The pre placement talks :)

    1. No Abhishek, according to me this stress depends on how things are interpreted . For some people this phase is very stressful and for some quite enjoyable .For me its not like the typical exam fever ppl have 🙂 .Just believe in yourself all the best !!

  1. Some people like to feel better about themselves just by putting others down.. dont let them get to you.
    Its not where you are Jaideep, its about where you want to be.

    I had a friend who got rejected by big companies like TCS, infosys, congnizent and many more but she didn’t give up and you know which company hired her at the end of the placement season? IBM.

    I have been through the placement season, though I got selected in the first company I gave interview to, it can be a bit terrifying. You just need to be extra confident…or fake confidence 😀

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