Welcoming the almighty :)

My world

So finally the 10 days annual lord Ganesha Festival has started and i am feeling so joyous and elated because since when i was a small kid i lived in a society where we had a lot of temples and Ganesh ji temple was quite close to my house. I used to visit that place usually daily and a feeling of calmness and satisfaction provided me a lot of happiness.

Last 15 days i have started my internship and i have to use the local bus transport service to go to my office. Yesterday was the first day of this festival and literally i enjoyed each and every bit of my journey from my house to the office. Its around 7 Km but due to heavy traffic in the evening and lord Ganesha processions it usually took around 45 min to reach the destination.


Chetak Bridge at Night .. A random pic i captured waiting for my bus 🙂

Bhopal is an amazing city and different types of people following quite different faith or religions have made this city more amazing. I could see kids,youth and even women and older people in full excitement and energy taking part in these processions. They were dancing, shouting and even praying to the almighty for the benefit of there relatives and for the society.Festivals are for connecting the people so that they can unite and the mutual bond between each other remains firm and strong. Festivals help in exploring those part of your life which you alone cannot enjoy so much than enjoying them with the society. They also help provide us a small break from our what so called fast pace life and help us to be mentally calm and happier. So enjoy your life 🙂 


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