Its the wheel of time

My world

So here i am standing at the verge of completing of my bachelor’s degree and from the next year or my next sem i will have to appear for the campus recruitment test conducted by a lot of companies.Its the start of a new phase of my life and i am ready to face it with my full strength. Few days back i was in a conversation with my friend who is studying in a reputed engineering college and is pursuing his graduation in bachelor of engineering in computer science engineering. He was my very close friend in school but as he got selected in a very reputed college he did ignored me and i still remember his words that you are studying in a low standard college who is least reputed.Apart from that he also told me a lot of things which was really sad. But i guess college doesnt matters a lot the things that matter is your knowledge. It was quite annoying for me to hear such things from him. I just gave him a reply that it just depends on time that who will become what in his life.Maybe things can change,but the biggest thing that offended my emotion was that he was my very close friend. Maybe i was wrong to choose him as my friend. The wheel of time is quite a clever thing created by god.Your past doesn’t leaves you it is stucked somewhere in your mind or life and makes a small entry at the right time.When i was not selected in a good college in class 12th i didnt mind it too much. I just thought i should study hard gather as much knowledge so that i can polish my skills very much and i can stand somewhere between them. I dont say that my college is not a good college it is a good college and i just love my friends and my college. But its my third year and i am still not feeling happier or quite satisfied. If you talk about satisfaction i have pretty much explained my mind that i should just feel satisfied but its not working i dont know why ??Lets see what will happen again i am just hoping good to happen in future 😀


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