Welcome to My World !!

Its quite a long time that i was planning to create a new blog to share my feelings with others. But i was not getting time to do so since last do many days.First the mid sem examination then these assignments,quizzes and assessment projects. It was like i was fully lost in a different wonderland.I am a regular blogger and i love to blog and express my knowledge,feelings and emotions with the whole world.

I am 5 feet 7 inches tall boy who loves to enjoy this world.I guess this is the best one line definition of myself.I love to work or you can call me workaholic because i composed when my mind is engrossed in a different thing. I am also a trained tabla player and music is like a medicine to me. You can also call it a drug because my day starts with a cool song and it also ends with a lovely song. Presently i am pursuing my Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology. It is quite a long story so keep visiting my blog there is lot of stuffs yet to be shared 😀 and enjoy your life.


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